Precision Equine Floating

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Why Natural Balance Floating

Teeth floating is a technique that has been developed over the past hundred years. First developed by farmers who discovered the importance for this routine care. Originally a dull hoof rasp was used to take down points, through the years hand floats were developed and become more refined. Precision Equine Floating uses custom made precision floats to ensure accuracy and comfort for the horses.

A horses mouth is constantly changing throughout their life time.

From ages 2 thru 5 they experience growth spurts, shed caps (baby teeth), and wolf teeth erupt.  All often happening while in the process of being trained and learning to accept a bit.

During the process of maturing, teeth are growing, changing and shifting the entire time. After reaching full maturity the teeth will begin to wear and extrude out of their sockets. Upper teeth do not sit directly on top of lower teeth causing them to become sharp on the edges as they wear. This is during the prime of a horses career.

As they age into their golden years, teeth begin the furcation process where we see bone loss that can affect the base of the root of the tooth.  Making chewing increasingly difficult.

A natural balanced mouth is required at every stage to keep our horses happy and comfortable.

Regular proper maintenance is essential to prevent abnormalities or malocclusions.  When found the severity of these will be evaluated and a corrective action plan will be put in place. Corrections have to be made over time to prevent tooth loss and allow the horse to adjust to the corrections. This can affect the horses mind, body and performance.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and all it takes is a visit every 6 to 12 months.

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