Thank you and welcome, 

     My name is James Cormier Jr. I am a "Master Equine Floater" I have been currently working in this field for 26 years and love every moment of it. I have a special connection with animals, horses in particular. I realized this when I was very young, at an early age I was drawn to them. For the most part my connection with horses has grown over the years and I have what clients refer to as an "Empathic" ability. This ability has provided me with the connection I get from each and every horse I am close too. My clients sometimes refer too me as "The Horse Whisperer", I'm flattered.

    I currently design and create all my own graphics and marketing materials, with my degrees I would like to make available to the horse industry my knowledge of "Equine Dentistry" along with understanding behavior in equines.

     In My website I will be adding graphics and charts on equine dentistry, aging, and the process of tooth development. I am also undertaking a video project on "Floating" and what it really is. This will hopefully be available in the fall of 2016. 

     My website when complete will have a "blog spot" a "free postings page"

  • The Blog spot will be used for my clients and I to chat and discuss anything equine, upcoming events and clinics.
  • The free posting page will be all access to post anything equine, sale horse, barn leases, tack and other client services.